Fire Alarm Testing

What is Fire Alarm Testing?

Fire Alarm systems differ considerably with the type of installation is dictated by the type of building, industry sector and relevant legislation.

There are many British Standard guidance notes available and these should be reviewed along with your Fire Risk Assessment to ensure the most appropriate Fire Alarm test regime for your premises and installation type.

What is included in the test?

Regular recorded tests are vital to ensure that there has not been a major failure in the installed fire detection / alarm system that would otherwise go unnoticed.

A weekly and monthly test regime should be included and followed as part of your fire risk management plan.

The fire alarm inspection and test frequency requirements of your fire alarm should be based on your fire risk assessment, with the maximum period between tests not exceeding six months.

The test includes where appropriate a log book inspection, visual inspection, false alarm inspection, battery tests, control panel function test, fire alarm devices, call point checks, fault indicators and circuits etc. 

Any defects identified are recorded with relevant remedial action recommendations recorded. 

Once the test process is complete, documentation is provided in the form of a report.

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