Emergency Light Testing

What is Emergency Light Testing?

During a fire or case of light failure, it is vital that building occupants are able to identify their fire exit route and vacate the premises efficiently and as safely as possible. 

Emergency lighting assists people to identify their appropriate emergency exit and minimises risk to life, installed in various forms i.e. emergency escape lighting and standby lighting etc. 

British Standard BS 5266-1: 2011 identifies a series of building types and recommendations for minimum standards of emergency lighting. 

Emergency light testing should be undertaken regularly as part of your planned fire safety management plan.  Maintaining your emergency lighting units is vital to ensure the lighting tubes and battery are performing as they should.   

What is included in the testing process?

Regular visual checks are required with full emergency lighting periodic inspection and duration tests on each unit, also being undertaken on an annual basis.

Testing should be carried out regularly with a full rated duration test being undertaken annually. 

The annual test results must be fully recorded. 

If failures are detected, these must be remedied immediately.

It proves more cost effective to undertake emergency light testing at the same time as other servicing i.e. Portable Appliance Testing as this makes use of downtime, whilst waiting for the full duration test period to complete.

Once the test process is complete, documentation is provided in the form of a report.

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